DBI Certification-UK has achieved ISO 17065 accreditation from UKAS and a designated Approved Body by the UK government

Published: 16.12.21

We are happy to inform that DBI Certification-UK has received its final Schedule of Accreditation from The United Kingdom Accreditation Service - UKAS - and the designation as an approved body by the Secretary of State in the UK. UKAS has approved DBI Certification-UK as a product certification body under ISO/IEC ISO 17065 to provide product conformity certification within Constructions Products and Gas Appliances.

Our accreditation number is 23333 and you can find our listing here by searching for DBI Certification-UK in the “Who’s Accredited” tab. 

The Secretary of State designates DBI Certification-UK as an Approved Body with the number 8504 in UK’s database.

The UK market conformity assessment bodies database is the definitive source and a register of UK Government appointed Approved Bodies who can certify goods for the UK markets.

As an Approved Body, DBI Certification-UK will be able to work with organizations required to affix the UKCA-mark on their products according to the UK Statutory Instruments.

We are now accepting applications for certification

Brexit deadline

The UK government updated the Brexit deadline for replacing the CE-mark with the UKCA-mark due to "the impact of the pandemic on businesses”. The government decided to extend the deadline for replacing the product safety from 1 Jan 2022 to 1 Jan 2023.

The UK government still encourages businesses to take action and ensure they are ready for the changeover as soon as possible.


We are looking forward to helping you with the UKCA-mark. Please don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Wilson or Merete Poulsen.

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Operational Manager

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