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UK STATUTORY INSTRUMENT 2020 No. 1359 Construction Products Regulation 2011 (retained EU law EUR 305/2011) as amended by the Construction Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 provides rules for marketing of construction related products in Great Britain and assesses the performance of said products. It also ensures that the information in relation to the performance of the product provided to public authorities and customers is reliable. This is achieved by providing a “common technical language”, offering uniform assessment methods of the performance of construction products.

The correct use and application of a multitude of different materials is a determining factor in construction project quality. The quality of construction products can be demonstrated this through a product certificate according to a designated standard. To support the certification process, DBI Certification-UK Ltd can perform a wide range of tests for you in one of our cooperating (internationally accredited) state-of-the-art laboratories. DBI Certification-UK Ltd has extensive expertise in the area of independently monitoring the quality of building materials. Our mother company DBI Certification A/S is an approved Notified Body under the (EU) construction product regulation for a large number of construction products and we can assist you in correctly interpreting the increasingly complex construction regulations.

DBI Certification-UK Ltd has limit our self to offer UKCA certification for a few product types based on client requests. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you have requests for UKCA certification on other product types. As described above, we have the competence in a wide range of product types and can add your specific product type to our scope.

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